Reusable packages to make PHP projects easier to create/maintain

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This repository is a mono-repository, it contains the code of many packages. For more information about this concept you can look there.


  • EasyApiToken: Tools to handle API tokens like a pro.
  • EasyAsync: Makes dealing with async processes easier.
  • EasyDecision: Your most complex decisions made the easiest way.
  • EasyEntityChange: Provides an easy way to hook up logic in your entities lifecycle.
  • EasyErrorHandler: Provides customizable ready-to-use error handler for applications.
  • EasyIdentity: Tools to handle authentication like a pro.
  • EasyPipeline: An easy way to implement the Pipeline Design Pattern in your applications.
  • EasyRepository: An easy way to implement the Repository Design Pattern in your applications.
  • EasyPagination: A generic way to handle pagination data from clients.
  • EasyPsr7Factory: An easy way to create PSR7 Request/Response from Symfony Request/Response.
  • EasyRandom: Provides easy way to generate random values (string, int, uuids, ...).
  • EasySchedule: Provides the Command Scheduling logic of Laravel in a Symfony Console application.
  • EasySecurity: Provides security features to be generic across applications.
  • EasySsm: CLI tool to interact with AWS ParameterStore in a convenient way.
  • EasyStandard: Centralised source of coding standard classes.
  • EasyTest: Makes testing easier.


  • Any new feature and/or hotfix MUST be submitted as a PR
  • The title of the PR MUST respect the following pattern [<PackageName>] <PR Title>
  • The PR MUST pass the checks before being merged
  • (Ideally) Create one PR per package

Release New Version

The release of a new version MUST be done from the master branch.

# 1. Make sure to pull the latest version of master in your local copy of the repository
$ git checkout master && git pull

# 2. Generate changelog. Make sure to verify the content of CHANGELOG.md after each run
$ composer changelog

# 3. Release the new version
$ vendor/bin/monorepo-builder release vX.X.X

# 4. Split new version to each package
$ composer split