Ease integrating bugsnag in your PHP projects

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This EasyBugsnag package provides a simple drop-in implementation of Bugsnag in your favourite PHP frameworks or plain PHP app.

::: tip The only configuration required for the package is to set the Bugsnag Integration API Key for your project. See Configuration for more information. :::

Usage overview

Once installed in your PHP framework, this package will allow you to inject the Bugsnag client anywhere you like and start notifying Bugsnag about your errors and exceptions.

For example:

// src/Exception/Handler.php

namespace App\Exception;

use Bugsnag\Client;

final class ExceptionHandler
     * @var \Bugsnag\Client
    private $client;

    public function __construct(Client $client)
        $this->client = $client;

    public function report(\Throwable $throwable): void
        // Notify Bugsnag of your throwable

Client factory

The core functionality of the EasyBugsnag package is to create a Bugsnag client instance and make it available to your application, so you can focus on notifying your errors/exceptions instead of the boilerplate Bugsnag setup. It uses a client factory to do this. For more information, see Client factory.


The client factory allows you to set a collection of client configurators. Once the client has been instantiated, the client factory will loop through the configurators, providing them the client instance to be configured. See Client configurators for more information.

Session tracking

Bugsnag can track the number of sessions that happen in your application, which enables Bugsnag to provide stability scores for comparison across releases of your application. You can enable and configure session tracking for EasyBugsnag. See Session tracking for more information.

Worker information

For Symfony applications, you can include information about the worker as metadata in Bugsnag reports. See Worker information for more information.

AWS information

You can include information about the AWS ECS Fargate task as metadata in Bugsnag reports. See AWS information for more information.

SQL query logging

The EasyBugsnag package provides support for logging of SQL queries for Bugsnag. See SQL query logging for more information.