Framework agnostic event dispatcher

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The purpose of this package isn't to be used within a project by the application as there is no point in creating another level of abstraction in that case BUT only to allow eonx-com packages to dispatch events without having to think about the event dispatcher used by each of our projects.

Require package (Composer)

The recommended way to install this package is to use Composer:

$ composer require eonx-com/easy-event-dispatcher


This package will register the EonX\EasyEventDispatcher\Interfaces\EventDispatcherInterface within the DI container, allowing you to use dependency injection to dispatch your events.

// src/MyService.php

namespace App;

use App\MyEvent;
use EonX\EasyEventDispatcher\Interfaces\EventDispatcherInterface;

final class MyService
     * @var \EonX\EasyEventDispatcher\Interfaces\EventDispatcherInterface
    private $eventDispatcher;

    public function __construct(EventDispatcherInterface $eventDispatcher)
        $this->eventDispatcher = $eventDispatcher;

    public function myMethod(string $myParam): void
        $this->eventDispatcher->dispatch(new MyEvent($myParam));