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The EasyActivity package allows you to log changes to objects in your applications, including the state of the object before and after a change, and information about who initiated the change.

The following terms are used across the package:

  • Action: An action performed on an object (i.e. "create", "update" or "delete").
  • Actor: A person or process that performs an action. An actor is described by a type, an identifier, and a name.
  • Subject: An object (entity, model, etc.) on which an action is performed.
  • Activity log entry: A database entry that contains activity log data, i.e. information about a subject, the action performed on the subject, and the actor that performed the action.

Once configured with a set of subjects, the package will create activity log entries for every action performed on those subjects. See Configuration for more information on configuring subjects.

The ActivityLogEntry class defines the data that can be recorded in an activity log entry.

See Usage for information on using the EasyActivity package.