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A simple package to deal with URLs in your applications.


You can install the package via composer:

composer require spatie/url


Parse and transform a URL

Retrieve any part of the URL:

use Spatie\Url\Url;

$url = Url::fromString('');

echo $url->getScheme(); // 'https'
echo $url->getHost(); // ''
echo $url->getPath(); // '/opensource'

Transform any part of the URL:

Note the Url class is immutable.

$url = Url::fromString('');

echo $url->withHost('')->withPath('spatie');
// ''


Transform the URL scheme.

$url = Url::fromString('');

echo $url->withScheme('https'); // ''

Use a list of allowed schemes.

Note each scheme in the list will be sanitized

$url = Url::fromString('');

echo $url->withAllowedSchemes(['wss'])->withScheme('wss'); // 'wss://'

or pass the list directly to fromString as the URL's scheme will be sanitized and validated immediately:

$url = Url::fromString('', [...SchemeValidator::VALID_SCHEMES, 'wss']);

echo $url->withScheme('wss'); // 'wss://'

Query parameters

Retrieve and transform query parameters:

$url = Url::fromString('');

echo $url->getQuery(); // 'utm_source=github&utm_campaign=packages'

echo $url->getQueryParameter('utm_source'); // 'github'
echo $url->getQueryParameter('utm_medium'); // null
echo $url->getQueryParameter('utm_medium', 'social'); // 'social'
echo $url->getQueryParameter('utm_medium', function() {
    //some logic
    return 'email';
}); // 'email'

echo $url->withoutQueryParameter('utm_campaign'); // ''
echo $url->withQueryParameters(['utm_campaign' => 'packages']); // ''

Path segments

Retrieve path segments:

$url = Url::fromString('');

echo $url->getSegment(1); // 'opensource'
echo $url->getSegment(2); // 'laravel'

PSR-7 UriInterface

Implements PSR-7's UriInterface interface:

class Url implements UriInterface { /* ... */ }

The league/uri is a more powerful package than this one. The main reason this package exists, is because the alternatives requires non-standard php extensions. If you're dealing with special character encodings or need bulletproof validation, you're definitely better off using league/uri.

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