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EasyAdmin creates administration backends for your Symfony applications with unprecedented simplicity.

EasyAdmin Backend Screenshot


EasyAdmin 3 requires PHP 7.2 or higher and Symfony 4.4 or higher. Run the following command to install it in your application:

$ composer require easycorp/easyadmin-bundle


Read EasyAdmin Docs at the official Symfony website.


  • 1.x version: no longer maintained. Recommended only for legacy projects using a Symfony version prior to 4.1;
  • 2.x version: the legacy version, which still fixes bugs but adds no new features. No longer recommended for new Symfony projects;
  • 3.x version: the stable version recommended for all projects.

Demo Application

easy-admin-demo is a complete Symfony application created to showcase EasyAdmin features.


This software is published under the MIT License