E-Commerce platform for PHP, based on Symfony framework.

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Sylius is an open source e-commerce solution for PHP, based on the Symfony2 framework.

Ultimate goal of the project is to create a webshop engine, which is user-friendly, loved by developers and has a helpful community.

Sylius is constructed from fully decoupled components (bundles in Symfony2 glossary), which means that every feature (products catalog, shipping engine, promotions system...) can be used in any other application.

We're using full-stack BDD methodology, with phpspec and Behat.

Windows support is a WIP!

Build status on Windows

Documentation is available at

Quick Installation

$ wget
$ php composer.phar create-project sylius/sylius:v0.15.0
$ cd sylius
$ php app/console sylius:install

The install script will give you the option to run fixtures that make testing and development phases much easier.

Behat scenarios

You need to copy Behat default configuration file and enter your specific base_url option there:

$ cp behat.yml.dist behat.yml
$ vi behat.yml

Then download Selenium Server, and run it:

$ java -jar selenium-server-standalone-2.41.0.jar

Then setup your test database:

$ php app/console doctrine:database:create --env=test
$ php app/console doctrine:schema:create --env=test

You can run Behat using the following commands:

$ bin/behat # In order to run tests which don't need JS support
$ bin/behat -p javascript # In order to run tests which need JS support


If something goes wrong, errors & exceptions are logged at the application level:

$ tail -f app/logs/prod.log
$ tail -f app/logs/dev.log

If you are using the supplied Vagrant development environment, please see the related Troubleshooting guide for more information.


This page contains all the information about contributing to Sylius.

Sylius on Twitter

If you want to keep up with the updates, follow the official Sylius account on Twitter.

Bug tracking

Sylius uses GitHub issues. If you have found bug, please create an issue.

MIT License

License can be found here.


Sylius was originally created by Paweł Jędrzejewski. See the list of contributors.