Finds and installs PSR-7, PSR-17, PSR-18 and HTTPlug implementations

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This library provides auto-discovery and auto-installation of well-known PSR-17, PSR-18 and HTTPlug implementations.


Via Composer

composer require php-http/discovery

Usage as a library author

Please see the official documentation.

If your library/SDK needs a PSR-18 client, here is a quick example.

First, you need to install a PSR-18 client and a PSR-17 factory implementations. This should be done only for dev dependencies as you don't want to force a specific implementation on your users:

composer require --dev symfony/http-client
composer require --dev nyholm/psr7

Then, you can disable the Composer plugin embeded in php-http/discovery because you just installed the dev dependencies you need for testing:

composer config allow-plugins.php-http/discovery false

Finally, you need to require php-http/discovery and the generic implementations that your library is going to need:

composer require 'php-http/discovery:^1.17'
composer require 'psr/http-client-implementation:*'
composer require 'psr/http-factory-implementation:*'

Now, you're ready to make an HTTP request:

use Http\Discovery\Psr18Client;

$client = new Psr18Client();

$request = $client->createRequest('GET', '');
$response = $client->sendRequest($request);

Internally, this code will use whatever PSR-7, PSR-17 and PSR-18 implementations that your users have installed.

Usage as a library user

If you use a library/SDK that requires php-http/discovery, you can configure the auto-discovery mechanism to use a specific implementation when many are available in your project.

For example, if you have both nyholm/psr7 and guzzlehttp/guzzle in your project, you can tell php-http/discovery to use guzzlehttp/guzzle instead of nyholm/psr7 by running the following command:

composer config extra.discovery.psr/http-factory-implementation GuzzleHttp\\Psr7\\HttpFactory

This will update your composer.json file to add the following configuration:

    "extra": {
        "discovery": {
            "psr/http-factory-implementation": "GuzzleHttp\\Psr7\\HttpFactory"

Don't forget to run composer install to apply the changes, and ensure that the composer plugin is enabled:

composer config allow-plugins.php-http/discovery true
composer install


composer test


Please see our contributing guide.


If you discover any security related issues, please contact us at


The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.