Addressing and zone management for Symfony2 applications.

v0.19.0 2016-06-24 01:41 UTC


Addresses management is a common task for almost every ecommerce application.
This bundle, with minimal configuration, provides you sensible models and architecture for addresses, countries and provinces.

It's fully customizable - you can easily add custom fields to your address entity, or split it into several models to handle different address types. Includes a set of forms that will be sufficient for most popular actions.

Countries can handle multiple provinces (states), and you can easily extend that to more levels by introducing your own models.

Bundle also supports very flexible Zones system, which allows you to group countries and provinces into geographical areas. Every address can be matched against all defined zones, which is useful for tax or shipping systems.


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phpspec examples

$ composer install
$ bin/phpspec run -fpretty


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The bundle was originally created by Paweł Jędrzejewski. See the list of contributors.