Provides a phpstan/phpstan extension for phpspec/prophecy

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PHPStan is a static code analysis tool for php, you can find out more about it here.

This repository provides an extension so that it also understands code that uses the Prophecy library to fake objects in unit tests. So far it covers two use cases:

Prophesizing and Revealing

$prophecy = $prophet->prophesize(SomeModel::class);
$instance = $prophecy->reveal();

It will help PHPStan to understand that the $instance variable is indeed an instance of SomeModel.

Method Predictions

$prophecy = $prophet->prophesize(Calculator::class);

$instance = $prophecy->reveal();
$instance->doubleTheNumber(2); // Will return 5

It will also help PHPStan to understand that $prophecy accepts method calls to all methods that are implemented by its prophesized class.

HINT: Currently there are no checks in place to validate the arguments of methods that are being called on prophecies.

Installation and usage

Install via composer:

composer require --dev jangregor/phpstan-prophecy

And then make sure to add the extension to your phpstan.neon file:

	- vendor/jangregor/phpstan-prophecy/src/extension.neon

And you should be good to go. Happy testing!


Please have a look at CONTRIBUTING.md.