Business Application Platform (BAP)

6.0.2 2024-07-01 11:43 UTC

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Scrutinizer Code Quality

OroPlatform is a PHP Business Application Platform (BAP) designed to make development of custom business applications easier and faster. Built with Symfony full-stack web framework, it offers unlimited flexibility, high quality of the code and powerful features like:

  • Intuitive user interface based on layouts and themes
  • Advance navigation and menu management
  • Multi layer application configuration
  • Entity and entity fields manager
  • Users, roles and multi scope permissions management
  • REST API with JSON:API standard support
  • Reports, Workflows, Data audit and many other features

OroPlatform is a good starting point for any kind of business applications, from custom intranet apps to modern open-source solutions like OroCRM and OroCommerce.


OroPlatform is a composer package that requires an application to initialize and run it. A platform-application is an example of such application which simplifies initial project setup and configuration.