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Buzz is a lightweight (<1000 lines of code) PHP 7.1 library for issuing HTTP requests.


Package available on Composer.

Install by running:

composer require kriswallsmith/buzz


This page will just show you the basics, please read the full documentation.

$client = new Buzz\Client\FileGetContents([], new Psr17ResponseFactory());
$browser = new Buzz\Browser($client, new Psr17RequestFactory());
$response = $browser->get('');

echo $browser->getLastRequest()."\n";
// $response is a PSR-7 object. 
echo $response->getStatusCode(); 

You can also use the low-level HTTP classes directly.

$request = new PSR7Request('GET', '');

$client = new Buzz\Client\FileGetContents([], new Psr17ResponseFactory());
$response = $client->send($request, ['timeout' => 4]);

echo $response->getStatusCode();

The Idea of Buzz

Buzz was created by Kris Wallsmith back in 2010. The project grown very popular over the years with more than 7 million downloads.

Since August 2017 Tobias Nyholm is maintaining this library. The idea of Buzz will still be the same, we should have a simple API and mimic browser behavior for easy testing. We should not reinvent the wheel and we should not be as powerful and flexible as other clients (ie Guzzle). We do, however, take performance very seriously.

We do love PSRs and this is a wish list of what PSR we would like to support:

  • PSR-1 (Code style)
  • PSR-2 (Code style)
  • PSR-4 (Auto loading)
  • PSR-7 (HTTP messages)
  • PSR-17 (HTTP factories)
  • PSR-18 (HTTP client)

Backwards Compatibility Promise

We take backwards compatibility very seriously as you should do with any open source project. We strictly follow Semver. Please note that Semver works a bit different prior version 1.0.0. Minor versions prior 1.0.0 are allow to break backwards compatibility.

Being greatly inspired by Symfony's bc promise, we have adopted their method of deprecating classes, interfaces and functions.

Running the tests

To run the test we need to set up a webserver. Using PHP's build in one works perfectly.

vendor/bin/http_test_server > /dev/null 2>&1 &
php -S tests/server.php  &
composer test