A library providing utilities to generate, instantiate and generally operate with Object Proxies

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This library aims at providing abstraction for generating various kinds of proxy classes.


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You can learn about the proxy pattern and how to use the ProxyManager on the online documentation.




The suggested installation method is via composer:

php composer.phar require ocramius/proxy-manager:1.0.*

Proxy example

Here's how you build a lazy loadable object with ProxyManager using a Virtual Proxy

$factory = new \ProxyManager\Factory\LazyLoadingValueHolderFactory();

$proxy = $factory->createProxy(
    function (& $wrappedObject, $proxy, $method, $parameters, & $initializer) {
        $wrappedObject = new HeavyComplexObject(); // instantiation logic here
        $initializer   = null; // turning off further lazy initialization


See the online documentation for more supported proxy types and examples.