This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

Copy/Paste Detector (CPD) for PHP code.

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6.0.3 2020-12-07 05:39 UTC


This project is no longer maintained and its repository is only kept for archival purposes.

PHP Copy/Paste Detector (PHPCPD)

phpcpd is a Copy/Paste Detector (CPD) for PHP code.


This tool is distributed as a PHP Archive (PHAR):

$ wget

$ php phpcpd.phar --version

Using Phive is the recommended way for managing the tool dependencies of your project:

$ phive install phpcpd

$ ./tools/phpcpd --version

It is not recommended to use Composer to download and install this tool.

Usage Example

$ php phpcpd.phar --fuzzy wordpress-5.5
phpcpd 6.0.0 by Sebastian Bergmann.

Found 121 clones with 8137 duplicated lines in 69 files:

  - /home/sb/wordpress-5.5/wp-includes/sodium_compat/src/Core/Curve25519/H.php:19-1466 (1447 lines)
  - /home/sb/wordpress-5.5/wp-includes/sodium_compat/src/Core32/Curve25519.php:879-889 (10 lines)

1.82% duplicated lines out of 446676 total lines of code.
Average size of duplication is 67 lines, largest clone has 1447 of lines

Time: 00:02.980, Memory: 318.00 MB