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What is Ibexa Commerce?

Ibexa Commerce is commercial Digital Experience Platform (DXP) software developed by Ibexa.

Ibexa Commerce derives from Ibexa Experience. It is composed of a set of bundles. Ibexa Commerce, like Ibexa Experience, is built on top of the Symfony framework (Full Stack).

How to get access to Ibexa Commerce?

While this meta repository, ezcommerce, is public to ease installation and upgrades, full access can be obtained in one of three ways:

Further information:

Ibexa Platform is 100% open source and is the foundation for the commercial Ibexa Digital Experience Platform software which adds advanced features for editorial teams, 100% built on top of Ibexa Platform APIs.


Installation instructions below are for installing a clean installation of Ibexa Commerce in latest version with no demo content or demo website. Full installation documentation is in the online docs.

  • composer install
  • bash install-solr.sh 8983
  • composer ezcommerce-install
  • php bin/console server:run


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