Solr search engine implementation for eZ Platform

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v3.2.0 2020-10-20 16:08 UTC


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Solr Search Engine Bundle for use with:

  • v3.0: eZ Platform 3.X with Solr 7.x (recommended: 7.7. which is an LTS)
  • v2.0: eZ Platform 2.5LTS with Solr 7.x (recommended: 7.7. which is an LTS)
  • v1.7: eZ Platform 2.5LTS+ (bundled out of the box) with Solr 6.x (recommended: 6.6 which is an LTS)
  • v1.5: eZ Platform 1.7LTS & 1.13LTS (bundled out of the box) with Solr 6.x or 4.10.4 (recommended: 6.6 which is an LTS, and certain features only work on Solr 6)
  • v1.0.x: eZ Publish Platform Enterprise 5.4.5+ (optional, not as feature rich but helpful for scaling filtering queries) with Solr 4.10.4
Overview of features
Feature Solr Search Engine Legacy Search Engine (SQL)
Filtering Yes Yes, but limited*
Query (filter with scoring) Yes Only filters, no scoring
Fulltext Yes, incl. advance features Partly**
Faceting Partly as of v1.4 No
Spellchecking Planned (TBD when) No
Highlighting Planned (TBD when) No
Index time boosting Yes, in >= v1.4,< v2.0*** No

* Usage of Criterion and SortClause for Fields does not perform well on medium to larger amount of data with Legacy Search Engine (SQL), use Solr for this.

** Does not include full set of full text features includes: Scoring/Ranking (Solr Search Engine does sorting on scoring by default, for location search available as of v1.3 with Solr 6.x), and as of Solr Search Engine v1.5 supports advanced full text capabilities such as word "phrase" (group) +mandatory -prohibited AND && OR || NOT !

*** Index-time boosts have been removed from Lucene and are no longer available from Solr 7, we plan to introduce query time boosting instead in future 2.x and 3.x release. See https://lucene.apache.org/solr/guide/7_2/major-changes-in-solr-7.html for more information.


For how to install and configure see:

Testing locally

For Contributing to this Bundle, you should make sure to run both unit and integration tests (from ezplatform-kernel repo).

  1. Setup this repository locally

    git clone git@github.com:ezsystems/ezplatform-solr-search-engine.git solr
    cd solr
    composer install

    At this point you should be able to run unit tests:

    php vendor/bin/phpunit --bootstrap tests/bootstrap.php
  2. Get & extract Solr

    E.g. one of the following:

  3. Configure Solr (single core)

    Note: See .travis.yml and bin/.travis/init_solr.sh for multi core setups

    # Solr 6
    cd solr-6.6.5
    mkdir -p server/ez/template
    cp -R <ezplatform-solr-search-engine>/lib/Resources/config/solr/* server/ez/template
    cp server/solr/configsets/basic_configs/conf/{currency.xml,solrconfig.xml,stopwords.txt,synonyms.txt,elevate.xml} server/ez/template
    cp server/solr/solr.xml server/ez
    ## Modify solrconfig.xml to remove section that doesn't agree with our schema
    sed -i.bak '/<updateRequestProcessorChain name="add-unknown-fields-to-the-schema">/,/<\/updateRequestProcessorChain>/d' server/ez/template/solrconfig.xml
    For use in production/dev

    Note that Solr Bundle does not commit changes directly on repository updates, which can lead to issues of content not showing up in the index. You can control this by adjusting autoSoftCommit (visibility of change to search index) and autoCommit (hard commit, for durability and replication) values in solrconfig.xml.

    Example of working solrconfig.xml settings that you can use to tune for your needs, change from defaults is on autoSoftCommit from -1 (disabled) to 20ms:

    TIP for automating generating of config

    You may also use the command line tool bin/generate-solr-config.sh to generate the Solr 6 configuration instead of these instructions. This is particular convenient if deploying to eZ Platform Cloud (Platform.sh), but can also be used for on-premise installs.

    The script should be executed from the eZ Platform root directory, run the following for more info:

    ./vendor/ezsystems/ezplatform-solr-search-engine/bin/generate-solr-config.sh --help
  4. Start Solr

    # Solr 6
    cd solr-6.6.5
    bin/solr -s ez
    ## You'll also need to add cores on Solr 6, this adds single core setup:
    bin/solr create_core -c collection1 -d server/ez/template
  5. Run integration tests

    export CORES_SETUP="single"
    php -d memory_limit=-1 vendor/bin/phpunit --bootstrap tests/bootstrap.php -vc vendor/ezsystems/ezplatform-kernel/phpunit-integration-legacy-solr.xml

Copyright & license

Copyright eZ Systems AS, for copyright and license details see provided LICENSE file.