This Bundle provides threaded comment functionality for Symfony applications

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v3.2.0 2021-12-14 10:04 UTC


The FOSCommentBundle adds support for a comment system in Symfony. Features include:

  • Supports Symfony 3.4, 4.4
  • Manages trees of comments
  • Can include comment threads in any page
  • Compatible with any persistence backend. Doctrine2 mongodb-odm and ORM are implemented.
  • Configurable sorting of the comment tree
  • REST api (via FOSRestBundle)
  • Extensible through events fired during the comment lifecycle
  • Optional use of Symfony Acl to protect comments
  • Optional integration with FOS\UserBundle
  • Optional integration with Akismet
  • Optional markup parser support (eg HtmlPurifier or php-sundown)

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The bulk of the documentation is stored in the Resources/doc/index.md file in this bundle:

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All the installation instructions are located in documentation.


This bundle is under the MIT license. See the complete license in the bundle: