eZ Platform RichText Extension, including the RichText FieldType.

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This Bundle provides RichText (ezrichtext) Field Type for Ibexa DXP and Ibexa Open Source. It is a Field Type for supporting rich formatted text stored in a structured XML format.

This Field Type succeeds the former XMLText Field Type found in eZ Publish 5.x and before.


  1. In your Ibexa project, require this package by the Composer.

        composer require ezsystems/ezplatform-richtext
  2. Enable the Bundle in config/bundles.php:

        return [
            // ...
            EzSystems\EzPlatformRichTextBundle\EzPlatformRichTextBundle::class => ['all' => true],
            // ...
  3. Remember to clear the Symfony Cache (for SYMFONY_ENV your project uses).

        php bin/console cache:clear


When looking to find a structured text format for Ibexa, we wanted to pick something that was widely used in the industry and which could support the custom & embed structures we have had in eZ Publish for years, which has enabled us to seamlessly target several channels / formats based on the same internal stored formats.

What we had at the time was inspired by early drafts of XHTML 2.0, a standard made for the most part obsolete by html5.

We also knew from experience we had to support html5 as an input/output format for RichText editors to reduce the number of customizations we had to apply on top of available editors. Which would make it hard to keep up to date, and forces us to deal with edge cases ourselves instead of relying on the editor doing it for us.

In RichText we have ended up with a solution that is built on a more widely used internal format, moved closer to html5 supported by editors, and better suited to support wider range of formats.


Storage format

Storage format in RichText is DocBook, for further info on its schema and how we extend it with RELAX NG, see Resources/schemas/docbook/.

Input/Output formats

This Field Type supports several output and input formats, DocBook, ezxml (legacy format), and two forms of HTML5 (edit and output).

Further reading on these formats and how they uses schemas, XSLT and DTD, see Resources/.


The architecture allows for migration to and from several formats in the future, currently the following is the main one supported:

From eZ Publish

For migrating from eZ Publish's XMLText format, have a look at the seperate XMLText Field Type.


Copyright (C) 1999-2021 Ibexa AS (formerly eZ Systems AS). All rights reserved.


This source code is available separately under the following licenses:

A - Ibexa Business Use License Agreement (Ibexa BUL), version 2.3 or later versions (as license terms may be updated from time to time) Ibexa BUL is granted by having a valid Ibexa DXP (formerly eZ Platform Enterprise) subscription, as described at: https://www.ibexa.co/product For the full Ibexa BUL license text, please see: https://www.ibexa.co/software-information/licenses-and-agreements (latest version applies)


B - GNU General Public License, version 2 Grants an copyleft open source license with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. For the full GPL license text, please see: https://www.gnu.org/licenses/old-licenses/gpl-2.0.html