Abstraction layer, on top of Doctrine, for cross-DBMS schema import

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v1.0.0 2020-03-18 20:34 UTC


This Symfony Bundle provides basic abstraction layer for cross-DBMS schema import.

It introduces custom Yaml format for schema definition and provides autowired APIs.

Schema Builder

Provided by APIs defined on the \EzSystems\DoctrineSchema\API\SchemaImporter interface, imports given Yaml source string or Yaml file into \Doctrine\DBAL\Schema object.

Schema Exporter

Provided by APIs defined on the \EzSystems\DoctrineSchema\API\SchemaExporter interface, exports given \Doctrine\DBAL\Schema object to the custom Yaml format.


Provided by APIs defined on the \EzSystems\DoctrineSchema\API\Builder\SchemaBuilder interface, is an extensibility point to be used by Symfony-based projects.

The SchemaBuilder is event-driven. To hook into the process of building schema, a custom EventSubscriber is required, e.g.

use EzSystems\DoctrineSchema\API\Event\SchemaBuilderEvent;
use EzSystems\DoctrineSchema\API\Event\SchemaBuilderEvents;
use Symfony\Component\EventDispatcher\EventSubscriberInterface;

class BuildSchemaSubscriber implements EventSubscriberInterface
     * @var string
    private $schemaFilePath;

    public function __construct(string $schemaFilePath)
        $this->schemaFilePath = $schemaFilePath;

     * Returns an array of events this subscriber wants to listen to.
     * @return string[]
    public static function getSubscribedEvents()
        return [
            SchemaBuilderEvents::BUILD_SCHEMA => ['onBuildSchema', 200],

     * @param \EzSystems\DoctrineSchema\API\Builder\SchemaBuilderEvent $event
    public function onBuildSchema(SchemaBuilderEvent $event)

Schema provided in this way can be imported into Schema object by e.g.:

    public function __construct(SchemaBuilder $schemaBuilder)
        $this->schemaBuilder = $schemaBuilder;

    public function importSchema()
        $schema = $this->schemaBuilder->buildSchema();
        // ...

Copyright & License

Copyright (c) eZ Systems AS. For copyright and license details see provided LICENSE file.