Superdesk Web Publisher - the next generation publishing platform for journalists and newsrooms.

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Superdesk Publisher - the next generation publishing platform for journalists and newsrooms.

The Superdesk Publisher is an API-centric delivery tool for all digital platforms. Written from scratch in 2016, it utilizes the knowledge gained from 17 years of delivering digital news at scale with Newscoop. The Publisher is designed to work with any editorial system. Naturally, it works the best with our in-house newsroom management system, Superdesk. Therefore, it allows independent maintenance, upgrade and change of the editorial back-end system.


Full documentation can be found here:


  • PHP >= 7.3
    • iconv needs to be enabled
    • Intl needs to be installed with ICU 4+
    • pdo needs to be enabled
    • JSON needs to be enabled
    • ctype needs to be enabled
    • Your php.ini needs to have the date.timezone setting
    • PHP tokenizer needs to be enabled
    • mbstring functions need to be enabled
    • POSIX needs to be enabled (only on *nix)
    • CURL and php-curl need to be enabled
    • php.ini recommended settings
      • short_open_tag = Off
      • magic_quotes_gpc = Off
      • register_globals = Off
      • session.auto_start = Off
  • Postgresql >= 9.6
    • pdo-pgsql
  • Memcached
    • memcached (running)
    • php-memcached
  • ElasticSearch >= 5.4
  • RabbitMQ >= 3.5
    • php-bcmath
    • php-amqp (pecl install amqp)
  • Supervisor


See installation guide for more details.


See detailed instructions for more details.


See the complete license here.


This project is a Sourcefabric z.ú. and contributors initiative.

List of all authors and contributors can be found here.

Superdesk Publisher is possible thanks to other Sourcefabric initiatives:

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