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Install the Blackfire PHP SDK via Composer:

$ composer require blackfire/php-sdk

Blackfire Client


PhpUnit Integration



If you want to inspect the traffic between profiled servers and blackfire's servers, you can use a small proxy script provided in this repository. Please read the instructions in ./bin/blackfire-io-proxy.php to do so.

PHP Probe

WARNING: This code should only be used when installing the Blackfire PHP extension is not possible.

This repository provides a Blackfire PHP Probe implementation that should only be used under the following circumstances:

  • You already have XHProf installed and cannot install the Blackfire PHP extension (think PHP 5.2);

  • You want a fallback in case the Blackfire PHP extension is not installed on some machines (manual instrumentation will be converted to noops).

Read more about how to use this feature on Blackfire's blog.