Removes final keyword from source code on-the-fly and allows mocking of final methods and classes

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BypassFinals effortlessly strips away final and readonly keywords from your PHP code on-the-fly. This handy tool makes it possible to mock final methods and classes, seamlessly integrating with popular testing frameworks like PHPUnit, Mockery, or Nette Tester.



The easiest way to install BypassFinals is via Composer. Just run the following command in your project directory:

composer require dg/bypass-finals --dev

It pretty much runs everywhere: PHP 7.1 through 8.3 are all supported!



To get BypassFinals up and running, just invoke:


Make sure to call this method early, preferably immediately after your vendor/autoload.php is loaded, to ensure all classes are processed before they are used.

Note that final internal PHP classes like Closure are not mockable.

To avoid removing readonly keywords, you can disable this feature by passing a parameter:

DG\BypassFinals::enable(bypassReadOnly: false);

To narrow down the application scope of BypassFinals, use a whitelist to specify directories or files:


This gives you finer control and can solve issues with certain frameworks and libraries.

Enhance performance by caching transformed files. Make sure the cache directory already exists:

DG\BypassFinals::setCacheDirectory(__DIR__ . '/cache');

For integration with PHPUnit 10 or newer, simply add BypassFinals as an extension in your PHPUnit XML configuration file:

	<bootstrap class="DG\BypassFinals\PHPUnitExtension"/>


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