Time Tracking with PHP

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v1.3.5 2019-10-27 20:10 UTC

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Go ahead to and update to use the latest release, rewritten from scratch, which is also much more extendable than Kimai v1. If you are still running Kimai v1 and need support, we are available for paid support.

Announcement Kimai v2 (June 2018)

We are thrilled to announce that we are working on the next major version of Kimai which is ready for production from now on. There is a migration script from Kimai v1 to Kimai v2 available. Why not give it a try?

Go ahead and read our blog posting to find out more.

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Kimai Time Tracking



This is the repository of Kimai, a open source time tracking software that runs on (almost) every webserver with PHP and MySQL.

You can get more information about this time-tracking software:


This is just a short and uncomplete feature list:

  • Multi-user management
  • Customer login with read only privileges
  • Every user has its own timesheet
  • Extensive and role-based permission management
  • Manage customers, projects and activities
  • Track project budgets
  • Record expenses
  • Print invoices in multiple formats (ODT, ODS, HTML)
  • Export data in multiple formats (PDF, XLSX, CSV, direct print)
  • LDAP login provider
  • Native apps ... see our Apps page

Missing features

  • Different rates for different working hours. Rates can only be set for users, projects and activities
  • Budgets based on time
  • No workflow (approval process)

Getting Started

Kimai requires a webserver with PHP and a database (MySQL recommended).

Please see the online documentation in order to set up Kimai on your webserver.


We would love to get input from all developers out there. Please read our contribution guidelines to find out how.

Support / Donate

Uncountable hours went into this free and open source project. Does kimai make your life better? Please support the project by clicking on the "Sponsor" button on top of this repository. Thank you very much already!