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1.14.3 2021-05-21 13:27 UTC


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Kimai - time-tracker

Kimai is a free, open source and online time-tracking software designed for small businesses and freelancers. It is built with modern technologies such as Symfony, Bootstrap, RESTful API, Doctrine, AdminLTE, Webpack, ES6 etc.




This is the new version of the open source time tracker Kimai. It is stable and production ready, ships with many advanced features, including but not limited to:

JSON API, invoicing, data exports, multi-timer and punch-in punch-out mode, tagging, multi-user and multi-timezones, authentication via SAML/LDAP/Database, customizable role and team permissions, responsive and ready for your mobile device, user specific rates, advanced search & filtering, money and time budgets, multiple reports, support for plugins and many more.


Updating Kimai


Roadmap and releases

You can see a rough development roadmap in the Milestones sections. It is open for changes and input from the community, your ideas and questions are welcome.

Kimai 2 uses a rolling release concept for delivering updates. You can upgrade Kimai at any time, you don't need to wait for the next official release. The master branch is always deployable, release tags are only snapshots of the current development version.

Release versions will be created on a regular base (approx. one release every 4-8 weeks). Every code change, whether it's a new feature or a bugfix, will be done on the master branch. Kimai is actively developed in my spare time, I put my effort into the software instead of backporting changes.


Kimai 2 is developed with modern frameworks like Symfony v4, Doctrine, AdminLTEBundle (based on AdminLTE theme) and many more.