Barebones Ecommerce functionality for Symfony

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Warning. This project is not tagged as stable yet. During this Beta stage, we aim to find and resolve all bugs, empower testing layer and build even a better and bigger project documentation.

Elcodi is a suite of e-commerce Components and Bundles built on top of Symfony and under MIT license. It aims to promote SOLID principles, efficient code reuse, separation of concerns as effective building blocks for the development of e-commerce applications.

Elcodi provides a reference implementation for the basic core components found in e-commerce web projects.

See the front-end store and the back-office demo application in action, and check out the source code for Bamboo.


Elcodi is supported on PHP 5.4.* and up.


Check the documentation in Elcodi Docs.


  • Use last unstable version ( alias of dev-master ) to stay always in last commit.
  • Use last stable version tag to stay in a stable release.
  • Latest Unstable Version Latest Stable Version


This project follows some standards. If you want to collaborate, please ensure that your code fulfills these standards before any Pull Request.

composer.phar update
bin/php-cs-fixer fix
bin/php-formatter formatter:use:sort src/
bin/php-formatter formatter:header:fix src/

There is also a policy for contributing to this project. Pull requests must be explained step by step to make the review process easy in order to accept and merge them. New features must come paired with Unit and/or Functional tests.