Starter for creating Symfony 4/5 sites at XM Media

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Used to create new projects using Symfony 4 at XM Media.

Setting Up a New Site

  1. Create a new project:
    composer create-project xm/starter_symfony_4 project-name --stability=dev --no-install --remove-vcs
  2. Setup dev server:
    1. If using InterWorx, upload setup_dev.sh and run: sh ./setup_dev.sh
    2. Upload the files (exclude files that are OS dependent like node_modules & .env.local or that are only for editing like .idea and .git and a lot of what's in .gitignore).
    3. Install Composer (if not already installed)
    4. Install PHP packages/vendors: php composer.phar install
    5. Add .env.local – copy .env and update.
    6. Run . ./node_setup.sh (this will setup node & install the JS packages – requires yarn to be installed).
    7. Run yarn dev or yarn build (for production) to compile JS & CSS files.
    8. Give executable perms to bin dir: chmod u+x bin/*
    9. Create event streams & projections tables from db_create.sql. Set database collation to utf8mb4_bin.
    10. Create one or more event streams with the command bin/console event-store:event-stream:create user && bin/console event-store:event-stream:create auth && bin/console event-store:event-stream:create enquiry (remove enquiry if not using the enquiry form).
    11. Run all projections once: bin/console event-store:projection:run user_projection -o && bin/console event-store:projection:run user_token_projection -o && bin/console event-store:projection:run enquiry_projection -o
    12. Create a user bin/console app:user:add (select role ROLE_SUPER_ADMIN).
    13. Setup mail spool: add cron task similar to: */15 * * * * cd /home/user/example.com/current && bin/console swiftmailer:spool:send --message-limit=10 --time-limit=45 >> var/log/mailer.log 2>&1 (this only sends error emails, runs every 15 minutes)
      1. As one command: crontab -l > mycron; echo "*/15 * * * * cd ${BASE}/current && bin/console swiftmailer:spool:send --message-limit=10 --time-limit=45 >> var/log/mailer.log 2>&1" >> mycron; crontab mycron; rm mycron
    14. Add logrotate cron (only needed on production): 30 4 * * 1 cd /home/user/example.com/current && logrotate app/config/packages/logrotate.conf --state var/logrotate-state (runs Mondays at 04:30 UTC)
  3. Remove or update the LICENSE file.
  4. Install Composer locally (if not installed globally).
  5. Update composer.json: name, license (likely private) and description
  6. Update package.json: name, version, git.url, license, private, script.dev-server
  7. Composer install & update (locally): composer install && composer update (or without memory limit: php -d memory_limit=-1 /usr/local/bin/composer update)
  8. Run yarn && yarn upgrade locally.
  9. Find and make changes near @todo-symfony comments throughout the site.
  10. Delete starter files: README.md (or update) and TEMPLATES.md.
  11. Optional: Run composer test – will install PHPUnit & run PHP tests
  12. Create new favicons: realfavicongenerator.net
  13. Copy (use "Push to another server") or recreate the templates in Postmark. The templates are referenced by the aliases.
  14. Optional: Run bin/console app:graphql:dump-schema <username> to update the GraphQL schema file where username is the email of an admin user.

Dev site can be accessed at https://[domain]/

System Requirements

  • PHP 7.3+
  • MySQL 5.7+
  • Node 10
  • Yarn


  • Production JS/CSS build: yarn build
  • Dev JS/CSS build: yarn dev
  • Dev JS/CSS watch: yarn watch (files will not be versioned)
  • Dev JS/CSS HMR server: yarn dev-server (see below)
  • JS Tests (Jest): yarn test:unit
  • E2E Tests (Cypress): yarn test:e2e
  • Linting:
    • JS (ESLint): yarn lint:js or yarn lint:js:fix
    • CSS: yarn lint:css or yarn lint:css:fix
  • PHP Tests (PhpUnit):
    • composer test
    • no memory limit php -d memory_limit=-1 bin/simple-phpunit
    • with coverage (HTML) composer test:coverage
  • PHP CS: (must be installed first)
    • Dry run: composer cs
    • Fix: composer cs:fix
  • PHP Static Analysis (PHPStan): composer static
  • Projections:
    • All commands: bin/console event-store:projection
    • Run once: bin/console event-store:projection:run user_projection -o
  • Makers (PHP):
    • Make aggregate root/model: bin/console make:model
    • Make projection: bin/console make:projection

Apache Config

The following is needed in the Apache VirtualHost for the Webpack Dev Server/HMR to work:

ProxyPassMatch ^(\/dev-server\/.+$)|(sockjs-node) http://localhost:<port>
ProxyPassReverse / http://localhost:<port>

You'll probably want to customize the port number in the Apache ProxyPass config and in package.json (script.dev-server) to be unique to each project if running multiple sites on one server.

Incorporated Libraries & Tools