Detected banned code using PHPStan

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This library is based on PHPStan to detect calls to specific functions you don't want in your project. For instance, you can add it in your CI process to make sure there is no debug/non standard code (like var_dump, exit, ...).

Basic usage

To use this extension, require it using Composer:

composer require --dev ekino/phpstan-banned-code

When you use https://github.com/phpstan/extension-installer you are done.

If not, include extension.neon in your project's PHPStan config:

	- vendor/ekino/phpstan-banned-code/extension.neon

Advanced usage

You can configure this library with parameters:

			# enable detection of echo
				type: Stmt_Echo
				functions: null

			# enable detection of eval
				type: Expr_Eval
				functions: null

			# enable detection of die/exit
				type: Expr_Exit
				functions: null

			# enable detection of a set of functions
				type: Expr_FuncCall
					- dd
					- debug_backtrace
					- dump
					- exec
					- passthru
					- phpinfo
					- print_r
					- proc_open
					- shell_exec
					- system
					- var_dump

			# enable detection of print statements
				type: Expr_Print
				functions: null

			# enable detection of shell execution by backticks
				type: Expr_ShellExec
				functions: null

		# enable detection of `use Tests\Foo\Bar` in a non-test file
		use_from_tests: true

type is the returned value of a node, see the method getType().