This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. The author suggests using the specific package instead.

Repository for Symplify packages development.

10.2.7 2022-05-21 11:08 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

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Symplify - Making Everyday PHP Development Simple

In this monorepo you'll find PHP packages that help you with:

  • your first coding standard
  • maintenance of monorepo and changelog
  • clean Kernel even with Flex loading methods
  • slim and re-usable Symfony configs

You'll find all packages in /packages directory. Here is a brief overview (tip: click on the package name to see its README with more detailed features):

Coding Standards

For Symfony

For Package Development

For Any Developer

For PHPStan Lovers

For CI Keeping you Safe

For Upgrades

Contributing & Issues

If you have issue and want to improve some package, put it all into this repository.

Fork and clone your repository:

git clone<your-name>/symplify.git
cd symplify
composer install

3 Steps to Contribute

  • 1 feature per pull-request

  • new feature must have tests

  • tests and static analysis must pass:

    composer phpstan

We would be happy to merge your feature then 👍