Dependency Injection, Console and Kernel toolkit for Symplify packages.

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This tools helps you with Collectors in DependecyInjection, Console shortcuts, ParameterProvider as service and many more.


composer require symplify/package-builder


Get All Parameters via Service

# app/config/services.yaml
    source: "src"

        autowire: true

    Symplify\PackageBuilder\Parameter\ParameterProvider: ~

Then require in __construct() where needed:

namespace App\Configuration;

use Symplify\PackageBuilder\Parameter\ParameterProvider;

final class ProjectConfiguration
     * @var ParameterProvider
    private $parameterProvider;

    public function __construct(ParameterProvider $parameterProvider)
        $this->parameterProvider = $parameterProvider;

    public function getSource(): string
        // returns "src"
        return $this->parameterProvider->provideParameter('source');

Get Vendor Directory from Anywhere

$vendorDirProvider = new Symplify\PackageBuilder\Composer\VendorDirProvider();
// returns path to vendor directory

Smart Compiler Passes for Lazy Programmers ↓

How to add compiler pass?

Always Autowire this Type

Do you want to allow users to register services without worrying about autowiring? After all, they might forget it and that would break their code. Set types to always autowire:

namespace App;

use PhpCsFixer\Fixer\FixerInterface;
use Symfony\Component\DependencyInjection\ContainerBuilder;
use Symfony\Component\HttpKernel\Kernel;
use Symplify\PackageBuilder\DependencyInjection\CompilerPass\AutowireInterfacesCompilerPass;

final class AppKernel extends Kernel
    protected function build(ContainerBuilder $containerBuilder): void
        $containerBuilder->addCompilerPass(new AutowireInterfacesCompilerPass([FixerInterface::class]));

This will make sure, that PhpCsFixer\Fixer\FixerInterface instances are always autowired.

That's all :)

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