Toolkit of commands that should not be missed in you CI

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Tools that make easy to setup CI.

  • Check git conflicts in CI


composer require symplify/easy-ci --dev


1. Check your Code for Git Merge Conflicts

Do you use Git? Then merge conflicts is not what you want in your code ever to see:

<<<<<<< HEAD
this is some content to mess with
content to append
totally different content to merge later

How to avoid it? Add check to your CI:

vendor/bin/easy-ci check-conflicts .

The /vendor directory is excluded by default.

2. Detect Commented Code

Have you ever forgot commented code in your code?

//      foreach ($matches as $match) {
//           $content = str_replace($match[0], $match[2], $content);
//      }

Clutter no more! Add check-commented-code command to your CI and don't worry about it:

vendor/bin/easy-ci check-commented-code <directory>
vendor/bin/easy-ci check-commented-code packages --line-limit 5

3. Find multiple classes in single file

To make PSR-4 work properly, each class must be in its own file. This command makes it easy to spot multiple classes in single file:

vendor/bin/easy-ci find-multi-classes src

4. Update Namespace to match PSR-4 Root

Is your class in wrong namespace? Make it match your PSR-4 root:

vendor/bin/easy-ci namespace-to-psr-4 src --namespace-root "App\\"

This will update all files in your /src directory, to starts with App\\ and follow full PSR-4 path:

 # file path: src/Repository/TalkRepository.php

-namespace Model;
+namespace App\Repository;


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