Library for building an evented socket server.

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Library for building an evented socket server.

The socket component provides a more usable interface for a socket-layer server or client based on the EventLoop and Stream components.

Table of Contents

Quickstart example

Here is a server that closes the connection if you send it anything:

$loop = React\EventLoop\Factory::create();

$socket = new React\Socket\Server($loop);
$socket->on('connection', function ($conn) {
    $conn->write("Hello there!\n");
    $conn->write("Welcome to this amazing server!\n");
    $conn->write("Here's a tip: don't say anything.\n");

    $conn->on('data', function ($data) use ($conn) {


You can change the host the socket is listening on through a second parameter provided to the listen method:

$socket->listen(1337, '');

Here's a client that outputs the output of said server and then attempts to send it a string. For anything more complex, consider using the SocketClient component instead.

$loop = React\EventLoop\Factory::create();

$client = stream_socket_client('tcp://');
$conn = new React\Stream\Stream($client, $loop);
$conn->pipe(new React\Stream\Stream(STDOUT, $loop));
$conn->write("Hello World!\n");




The server can listen on a port and will emit a connection event whenever a client connects.


The Connection is a readable and writable Stream. The incoming connection represents the server-side end of the connection.

It MUST NOT be used to represent an outgoing connection in a client-side context. If you want to establish an outgoing connection, use the SocketClient component instead.


The recommended way to install this library is through Composer. New to Composer?

This will install the latest supported version:

$ composer require react/socket:~0.4.0

If you care a lot about BC, you may also want to look into supporting legacy versions:

$ composer require "react/socket:~0.4.0|~0.3.0"

More details and upgrade guides can be found in the CHANGELOG.


MIT, see LICENSE file.