Tiny utility to get the number of CPU cores.

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1.1.0 2024-02-07 09:43 UTC


This package is a tiny utility to get the number of CPU cores.

composer require fidry/cpu-core-counter


use Fidry\CpuCoreCounter\CpuCoreCounter;
use Fidry\CpuCoreCounter\NumberOfCpuCoreNotFound;
use Fidry\CpuCoreCounter\Finder\DummyCpuCoreFinder;

$counter = new CpuCoreCounter();

try {
    $counter->getCount();   // e.g. 8
} catch (NumberOfCpuCoreNotFound) {
    return 1;   // Fallback value

// An alternative form where we not want to catch the exception:

$counter = new CpuCoreCounter([
    new DummyCpuCoreFinder(1),  // Fallback value

$counter->getCount();   // e.g. 8

Advanced usage

Changing the finders

When creating CpuCoreCounter, you may want to change the order of the finders used or disable a specific finder. You can easily do so by passing the finders you want

// Remove WindowsWmicFinder 
$finders = array_filter(
    static fn (CpuCoreFinder $finder) => !($finder instanceof WindowsWmicFinder)

$cores = (new CpuCoreCounter($finders))->getCount();
// Use CPUInfo first & don't use Nproc
$finders = [
    new CpuInfoFinder(),
    new WindowsWmicFinder(),
    new HwLogicalFinder(),

$cores = (new CpuCoreCounter($finders))->getCount();

Choosing only logical or physical finders

FinderRegistry provides two helpful entries:

  • ::getDefaultLogicalFinders(): gives an ordered list of finders that will look for the logical CPU cores count
  • ::getDefaultPhysicalFinders(): gives an ordered list of finders that will look for the physical CPU cores count

By default when using CpuCoreCounter, it will use the logical finders since it is more likely what you are looking for and is what is used by PHP source to build the PHP binary.

Checks what finders find what on your system

You have two commands available that provides insight about what the finders can find:

$ make diagnose                                     # From this repository
$ ./vendor/fidry/cpu-core-counter/bin/diagnose.php  # From the library


$ make execute                                     # From this repository
$ ./vendor/fidry/cpu-core-counter/bin/execute.php  # From the library

Backward Compatibility Promise (BCP)

The policy is for the major part following the same as Symfony's one. Note that the code marked as @private or @internal are excluded from the BCP.

The following elements are also excluded:

  • The diagnose and execute commands: those are for debugging/inspection purposes only
  • FinderRegistry::get*Finders(): new finders may be added or the order of finders changed at any time


This package is licensed using the MIT License.

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