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  • Use PHP_CodeSniffer || PHP-CS-Fixer - anything you like
  • 2nd run under few seconds with un-changed file cache
  • Skipping files for specific checkers
  • Prepared sets - PSR12, Symfony, Common, Array, Symplify and more...
  • Prefixed version in case of conflicts on install

Are you already using another tool?


composer require symplify/easy-coding-standard --dev


1. Create Configuration and Setup Checkers

  • Create an ecs.php in your root directory
  • Add Sniffs
  • ...or Fixers you'd love to use
// ecs.php
use PhpCsFixer\Fixer\ArrayNotation\ArraySyntaxFixer;
use Symfony\Component\DependencyInjection\Loader\Configurator\ContainerConfigurator;
use Symplify\EasyCodingStandard\ValueObject\Set\SetList;

return static function (ContainerConfigurator $containerConfigurator): void {
    // A. standalone rule
    $services = $containerConfigurator->services();
        ->call('configure', [[
            'syntax' => 'short',

    // B. full sets

2. Run in CLI

# dry
vendor/bin/ecs check src

# fix
vendor/bin/ecs check src --fix


How to load own config?

vendor/bin/ecs check src --config another-config.php


Configuration can be extended with many options. Here is list of them with example values and little description what are they for:

use PhpCsFixer\Fixer\ArrayNotation\ArraySyntaxFixer;
use Symfony\Component\DependencyInjection\Loader\Configurator\ContainerConfigurator;
use Symplify\EasyCodingStandard\ValueObject\Option;

return static function (ContainerConfigurator $containerConfigurator): void {
    $parameters = $containerConfigurator->parameters();

    // alternative to CLI arguments, easier to maintain and extend
    $parameters->set(Option::PATHS, [__DIR__ . '/src', __DIR__ . '/tests']);

    // run single rule only on specific path
    $parameters->set(Option::ONLY, [
        ArraySyntaxFixer::class => [__DIR__ . '/src/NewCode'],

    $parameters->set(Option::SKIP, [
        // skip paths with legacy code
        __DIR__ . '/packages/*/src/Legacy',

        ArraySyntaxFixer::class => [
            // path to file (you can copy this from error report)
            __DIR__ . '/packages/EasyCodingStandard/packages/SniffRunner/src/File/File.php',

            // or multiple files by path to match against "fnmatch()"
            __DIR__ . '/packages/*/src/Command',

        // skip rule completely

        // just single one part of the rule?
        ArraySyntaxFixer::class . '.SomeSingleOption',

        // ignore specific error message
        'Cognitive complexity for method "addAction" is 13 but has to be less than or equal to 8.',

    // scan other file extendsions; [default: [php]]
    $parameters->set(Option::FILE_EXTENSIONS, ['php', 'phpt']);

    // configure cache paths & namespace - useful for Gitlab CI caching, where getcwd() produces always different path
    // [default: sys_get_temp_dir() . '/_changed_files_detector_tests']
    $parameters->set(Option::CACHE_DIRECTORY, '.ecs_cache');

    // [default: \Nette\Utils\Strings::webalize(getcwd())']
    $parameters->set(Option::CACHE_NAMESPACE, 'my_project_namespace');

    // indent and tabs/spaces
    // [default: spaces]
    $parameters->set(Option::INDENTATION, 'tab');

    // [default: PHP_EOL]; other options: "\n"
    $parameters->set(Option::LINE_ENDING, "\r\n");

Coding Standards in Markdown


How to correct PHP snippets in Markdown files?

vendor/bin/ecs check-markdown
vendor/bin/ecs check-markdown docs/

# to fix them, add --fix
vendor/bin/ecs check-markdown docs/ --fix

Do you have already paths defined in ecs.php config? Drop them from CLI and let ECS use those:

vendor/bin/ecs check-markdown --fix


How can I see all loaded checkers?

vendor/bin/ecs show
vendor/bin/ecs show --config ...

How do I clear cache?

vendor/bin/ecs check src --clear-cache

Run on Git Diff Changed Files Only

Execution can be limited to changed files using the process option --match-git-diff:

vendor/bin/ecs check src --match-git-diff

This option will filter the files included by the configuration, creating an intersection with the files listed in git diff.

Report Issues

In case you are experiencing a bug or want to request a new feature head over to the Symplify monorepo issue tracker


The sources of this package are contained in the Symplify monorepo. We welcome contributions for this package on symplify/symplify.