Use Coding Standard with 0-knowledge of PHP-CS-Fixer and PHP_CodeSniffer.

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  • Use PHP_CodeSniffer || PHP-CS-Fixer - anything you like
  • 2nd run under few seconds with un-changed file cache
  • Skipping files for specific checkers
  • Prepared sets - PSR12, Symfony, Common, Array, Symplify and more...
  • Prefixed version in case of conflicts on install

Are you already using another tool?


composer require symplify/easy-coding-standard --dev

Prefixed Version

Head over to the "Easy Coding Standard Prefixed" repository for more information.


1. Create Configuration and Setup Checkers

  • Create an ecs.php in your root directory
  • Add Sniffs
  • ...or Fixers you'd love to use

// ecs.php


use PhpCsFixer\Fixer\ArrayNotation\ArraySyntaxFixer;
use Symfony\Component\DependencyInjection\Loader\Configurator\ContainerConfigurator;
use Symplify\EasyCodingStandard\ValueObject\Option;
use Symplify\EasyCodingStandard\ValueObject\Set\SetList;

return static function (ContainerConfigurator $containerConfigurator): void {
    // A. standalone rule
    $services = $containerConfigurator->services();
        ->call('configure', [[
            'syntax' => 'short',

    // B. full sets
    $parameters = $containerConfigurator->parameters();
    $parameters->set(Option::SETS, [SetList::CLEAN_CODE, SetList::PSR_12]);

2. Run in CLI

# dry
vendor/bin/ecs check src

# fix
vendor/bin/ecs check src --fix


How to load own config?

vendor/bin/ecs check src --config another-config.php


Configuration can be extended with many options. Here is list of them with example values and little description what are they for:


// ecs.php


use PhpCsFixer\Fixer\ArrayNotation\ArraySyntaxFixer;
use Symfony\Component\DependencyInjection\Loader\Configurator\ContainerConfigurator;
use Symplify\EasyCodingStandard\ValueObject\Option;

return static function (ContainerConfigurator $containerConfigurator): void {
    $parameters = $containerConfigurator->parameters();

    // alternative to CLI arguments, easier to maintain and extend
    $parameters->set(Option::PATHS, [__DIR__ . '/src', __DIR__ . '/tests']);

    // exlude paths with really nasty code
    $parameters->set(Option::EXCLUDE_PATHS, [__DIR__ . '/packages/*/src/Legacy']);

    // run single rule only on specific path
    $parameters->set(Option::ONLY, [
        ArraySyntaxFixer::class => [__DIR__ . '/src/NewCode'],

    $parameters->set(Option::SKIP, [
        ArraySyntaxFixer::class => [
            # path to file (you can copy this from error report)
            __DIR__ . '/packages/EasyCodingStandard/packages/SniffRunner/src/File/File.php',

            # or multiple files by path to match against "fnmatch()"
            __DIR__ . '/packages/*/src/Command',
        // skip rule compeltely
        ArraySyntaxFixer::class => null,
        // just single one part of the rule?
        ArraySyntaxFixer::class . '.SomeSingleOption' => null,
        // ignore specific error message
        'Cognitive complexity for method "addAction" is 13 but has to be less than or equal to 8.' => null,

    // scan other file extendsions; [default: [php]]
    $parameters->set(Option::FILE_EXTENSIONS, ['php', 'phpt']);

    // configure cache paths & namespace - useful for Gitlab CI caching, where getcwd() produces always different path
    // fdefault: sys_get_temp_dir() . '/_changed_files_detector_tests']
    $parameters->set(Option::CACHE_DIRECTORY, '.ecs_cache');

    // [default: \Nette\Utils\Strings::webalize(getcwd())']
    $parameters->set(Option::CACHE_NAMESPACE, 'my_project_namespace');

    // indent and tabs/spaces
    // [default: spaces]
    $parameters->set(Option::INDENTATION, 'tab');

    // [default: PHP_EOL]; other options: "\n"
    $parameters->set(Option::LINE_ENDING, "\r\n");

Codings Standards in Markdown


How to correct PHP snippets in Markdown files?

vendor/bin/ecs check-markdown
vendor/bin/ecs check-markdown docs/

# to fix them, add --fix
vendor/bin/ecs check-markdown docs/ --fix

Do you have already paths defined in ecs.php config? Drop them from CLI and let ECS use those:

vendor/bin/ecs check-markdown --fix


How can I see all loaded checkers?

vendor/bin/ecs show
vendor/bin/ecs show --config ...

How do I clear cache?

vendor/bin/ecs check src --clear-cache

Run on Git Diff Changed Files Only

Execution can be limited to changed files using the process option --match-git-diff:

vendor/bin/ecs check src --match-git-diff

This option will filter the files included by the configuration, creating an intersection with the files listed in git diff.

Your IDE Integration


ECS can be used as an External Tool

PHPStorm Configuration

Go to Preferences > Tools > External Tools and click + to add a new tool.

  • Name: ecs (Can be any value)
  • Description: easyCodingStandard (Can be any value)
  • Program: $ProjectFileDir$/vendor/bin/ecs (Path to ecs executable; On Windows path separators must be a \)
  • Parameters: check $FilePathRelativeToProjectRoot$ (append --fix to auto-fix)
  • Working directory: $ProjectFileDir$

Press Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + A (Find Action), search for ecs, and then hit Enter. It will run ecs for the current file.

To run ecs on a directory, right click on a folder in the project browser go to external tools and select ecs.

You can also create a keyboard shortcut in Preferences > Keymap to run ecs.

Visual Studio Code

EasyCodingStandard for Visual Studio Code extension adds support for running EasyCodingStandard inside the editor.

Tool Integration

Tool Extension Description
GrumPHP ECS Task Provides a new task for GrumPHP which runs ECS


The sources of this package are contained in the symplify monorepo. We welcome contributions for this package at symplify/symplify.