Measure type coverage of your project

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AI abilities sea level rising... as way to rise type coverage for class elements

PHPStan uses type declarations to determine the type of variables, properties and other expression. Sometimes it's hard to see what PHPStan errors are the important ones among thousands of others.

Instead of fixing all PHPStan errors at once, we can start with minimal require type coverage.

What is the type coverage you ask? We have 3 type possible declarations in total here:

final class ConferenceFactory
    private $talkFactory;

    public function createConference(array $data)
        $talks = $this->talkFactory->create($data);

        return new Conference($talks);

The param type is defined, but property and return types are missing.

  • 1 out of 3 = 33 % coverage

Our code has only one third quality it could have. Let's get to 100 %!

 final class ConferenceFactory
-    private $talkFactory;
+    private TalkFactory $talkFactory;

-    public function createConference(array $data)
+    public function createConference(array $data): Conference
         $talks = $this->talkFactory->create($data);

         return new Conference($talks);

This technique is very simple to start even on legacy project. Also, you're now aware exactly how high coverage your project has.


composer require tomasvotruba/type-coverage --dev

The package is available on PHP 7.2+ version in tagged releases.


With PHPStan extension installer, everything is ready to run.

Enable each item on their own:

# phpstan.neon
        return: 50
        param: 35.5
        property: 70

Measure Strict Declares coverage

Once you've reached 100 % type coverage, make use your code is strict and uses types:



Again, raise level percent by percent in your own pace:

        declare: 40

Happy coding!