EasyAdmin Demo Application

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This project is the official EasyAdmin Demo application that showcases the main features of EasyAdmin, a popular admin generator for Symfony applications.

It's a fork of the Symfony Demo application. This allows to compare the manual backend/admin included in Symfony Demo and the backend/admin created with EasyAdmin.



Run this command with Composer:

$ composer create-project easyCorp/easyadmin-demo my_project


There's no need to configure anything to run the application. If you have installed Symfony CLI, run this command:

$ cd my_project/
$ symfony serve

Then access the application in your browser at the given URL (https://localhost:8000 by default).

If you don't have the Symfony binary installed, run php -S localhost:8000 -t public/ to use the built-in PHP web server or configure a web server like Nginx or Apache to run the application.