A model factory library for creating expressive, auto-completable, on-demand dev/test fixtures with Symfony and Doctrine.

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Foundry makes creating fixtures data fun again, via an expressive, auto-completable, on-demand fixtures system with Symfony and Doctrine:

$post = PostFactory::new() // Create the factory for Post objects
    ->published()          // Make the post in a "published" state
    ->create([             // create & persist the Post object
        'slug' => 'post-a' // This Post object only requires the slug field - all other fields are random data

The factories can be used inside DoctrineFixturesBundle to load fixtures or inside your tests, where it has even more features.

Foundry supports doctrine/orm (with doctrine/doctrine-bundle), doctrine/mongodb-odm (with doctrine/mongodb-odm-bundle) or a combination of these.

Want to watch a screencast 🎥 about it? Check out https://symfonycasts.com/foundry

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The AAA style of testing was first introduced to me by Adam Wathan's excellent Test Driven Laravel Course. The inspiration for this libraries API comes from Laravel factories and christophrumpel/laravel-factories-reloaded.