CMS built on top of Symfony (Admin, Front, Page Management, Media Management).

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Yet ! Another CMS :)

PiedWebCMS is a Symfony Bundle built with traits.

It permit to get the basic functionalities for a website... to go further or to use as it.

A Static Website Generator (compatible with Github Pages, Apache Server, ...) is integrated in his core (and could be easily desintegrated).

Build on top on Symfony 4, VichUploader, LiipImagine, Sonata Admin, and more (see composer.json).

If you install it, be careful, the first version is not out and the code is not heavily tested !


Supposing composer is installed globally

curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/PiedWeb/CMS/master/install-cms >> install-cms && chmod +x install-cms && ./install-cms ./my-folder
# Valid 'a' to install all recipes !

Else, look at install-cms where each step is describe.

Then edit config/packages/piedweb_cms.yaml and files in assets to configure your web app. Default web app is stored in sqlite.


Check Update.md


... todo


Have a look to the cookbook.


List of Bundles wich extend this one:


  • Extend Easy Markdown to highlight twig (or at least {""}, see ace) See this issue and this code mirror addon
  • revoir l'installation auto (debug : installation de 0.0.58... will be resolved when bumping to sf5 else keep only framework bundle + flex and relaunch composer update)
  • search for all "todo" in the code, clean and test the code
  • reduce duplicate code between StaticService and Controllers
  • export/import FLAT FILES (spatie/yaml-front-matter, vérif à chaque requête pour une sync constante admin <-> flat files)
  • Release V1



The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.

Latest Version Software License Build Status Quality Score Code Coverage Total Downloads