A quick symfony skeleton project starter with frequently needed boiler-plate setups (ci, badges, etc.)

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A starter-kit for your Symfony PHP projects. It includes frequently needed boilerplate setups (ci, badges, etc.)

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📦 Installation

To install this application, first ensure you have Composer installed, then:

# Create your skeleton app (feel free to change the folder name instead of the demo one)
$ composer create-project medunes/noise-symfony my-demo-project

# Enter your app folder
$ cd my-demo-project

# Install dependencies
$ composer setup:clean

# Run the build script (tests, etc.)
$ composer build

ℹ️ FAQ

So what is this?

This is Symfony Noise !

An empty skeleton, a list of ready to customize setups.

These setups are commonly used when publishing PHP opensource projects or libraries.

I use this skeleton as a basis when I start a new project on Github.

Instead of spending time setting up configs from scratch, I'd rather customize them.

More details?

Nowadays, you don't just write some "working" code and ship it to the community.

There are a couple of disciplines you should follow in order to have your library acceptable by the community (or by yourself :) )

For example, code quality, tests, README, Documentation, License, logo, CHANGELOG, CI and many others.

I call these requirement: noise, not in a pejorative way, but maybe because writing new code is more fun than spending time fixing, testing, validating or documenting it.

Which kind of noise?

Currently, we support the following noise, but feel free to increase the volume:

Where to go next?

Writing noise projects for other languages: Javascript, Go, C, C++, ..