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This document contains information on how to download, install, and start this program.


To install this program you will need:

To (re)build the assets (js,css,images) for this program you will need:

To run this program you will need:

  1. Installation
  • Configuring the web server

    TODO: add nginx configuration

  • Web application

    1. php composer.phar create-project lazerball/hit-tracker path/to/install
    2. cd /path/to/install
    3. copy env.dist to .env and fill in
    4. bin/console doctrine:database:create
    5. bin/console doctrine:migrations:migrate
    6. bin/console cache:clear
  • Vest data receiver

    • TODO: link to htdataredirector once it has instructions
  • Optional - (Re)build assets

    1. npm install
    2. bower install
    3. ember build --output-path web/assets
  1. Run

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