A console application for generating UUIDs with ramsey/uuid.

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A console application for generating UUIDs with ramsey/uuid

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ramsey/uuid-console is a console application for generating UUIDs with ramsey/uuid.

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Install this package as a dependency using Composer.

composer require ramsey/uuid-console

This will install a reference to the console tool in ./vendor/bin/uuid.


If installed in your project, you may execute the console application from the command line:

$ ./vendor/bin/uuid

If installed globally using Composer, ensure your global Composer installation is in your PATH (it's usually somewhere like ~/.composer/vendor/bin). Then, you may execute it:

$ uuid

Please be aware that some systems may already have a command line application named uuid installed, so this might create a conflict if anything using your PATH expects the other uuid tool.

You can generate UUIDs:

$ ./vendor/bin/uuid generate

By default, the application generates version 1 (time-based) UUIDs, but you may specify other versions:

$ ./vendor/bin/uuid generate 4

You may also decode UUIDs to get information about them:

$ ./vendor/bin/uuid decode afe1296a-660b-11e5-bd9f-3c15c2caed47
 ========= ========== =========================================
  encode:   STR:       afe1296a-660b-11e5-bd9f-3c15c2caed47
            INT:       233784006064090443909084029429027106119
  decode:   variant:   RFC 4122
            version:   1 (time and node based)
            content:   time:  2015-09-28T18:06:49+00:00
                       clock: 15775 (usually random)
                       node:  3c:15:c2:ca:ed:47
 ========= ========== =========================================

For help, just type ./vendor/bin/uuid and read the help information.


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Copyright and License

The ramsey/uuid-console library is copyright © Ben Ramsey and licensed for use under the MIT License (MIT). Please see LICENSE for more information.