This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

Web interface for exploring various PBS APIs.


A simple Symfony app for syncing, viewing, and exporting data from various PBS API services.

Installation (development)

The application is configured for a dev environment using sqlite out of the box. Follow the steps below to run the development server:

  1. composer create-project cascadepublicmedia/pbs-api-explorer
  2. cd pbs-api-explorer
  3. php bin/console app:init
    • Prompts will be provided to create an initial user, be sure to give the user the ROLE_ADMIN role.
  4. php bin/console server:run

The console will output the URL of the app. Visit the URL and log in with the user created during setup.


  1. Log in (with a user with the ROLE_ADMIN role).
  2. Visit /settings.
  3. Fill in and save API endpoints and credentials.
  4. Visit an API data list page (e.g. /station-manager/stations) and click the "Sync..." button.


Future TODOs