Admin Theme based on the AdminLTE 2.3 for easy integration with Symfony 4

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AdminLTE Bundle for Symfony 4

This repository is an upgraded version of the AvanzuAdminThemeBundle, bringing the AdminLTE theme to Symfony 4.


  • Symfony 4.0
  • PHP 7.1.3
  • Twig 2.0


Go ahead and read the full documentation, then install and enjoy your new theme!


Some of the main features of this theme bundle:

  • Two main layouts for main application and security (login, forgot password, register account...)
  • Support for Symfony 4.x
  • Support for KNPMenuBundle
  • Support for FOSUserBundle
  • Webpack-Encore support for building assets
  • Event-driven handling of menu entries, tasks and notifications
  • Translations for english and german (please help translating it to more languages)

Installation with Symfony Flex

Installation using Symfony flex is the recommended way:

composer config extra.symfony.allow-contrib true
composer req "kevinpapst/adminlte-bundle:^1.1"

Installation with Composer

Installation using the traditional composer approach is almost as simple:

   composer require kevinpapst/adminlte-bundle ^1.1

Afterwards copy the default config to your config/packages/ directory:

cp vendor/kevinpapst/adminlte-bundle/config/packages/admin_lte.yaml config/packages/

AdminLTE-Bundle Demo

In order to see a working example this bundle is showcased in a separate demo-application: AdminLTEBundle-Demo.

The demo is neither fully functional nor showcasing all options right now, I am working on it!

Why choose this repository over the original?

First and foremost: the original repository has a strong backward compatibility in mind, maintenance is only done if Symfony 2/3 compatibility is kept (see this issues).

That means you don't get the new shiny stuff for SF4. As some of us already ork on Symfony 4 projects (probably even using webpack-encore) there needed to be a solution.

Why another fork?

Originally I tried to sent PRs for the original repository, but those were not always accepted (which is totally fine!) but I needed an upgraded version. For some time I tried to manage a branch in a fork, but that wasn't working well and I found myself overwriting more and more stuff in my project.
There came a point were I had to choose between:

  • doing all the changes in my project or when possible in my own forked repository and having "dev-" entries in my projects composer.json
  • cleanup the fork and merge it with my project changes and then publish this fork and release it for the community

The choice was quite easy: I am doing the work now in this repository with a fresh start and with the capability of backward-compatibility breaks (for the users migrating from the AdminThemeBundle).

Main differences

This branch was split of the original master but with the following PRs merged on top:

  • Auto discovery for commands (see #215)
  • Symfony4 compatibility (see #215)
  • Dynamic config options (see #217)

And a lot of other changes which I added in this repository:

  • added support for FOSUserBundle
  • replaced AliasRouting with simpler version
  • changed namespaces to allow co-existence with AdminThemeBundle
  • changed and extended default configuration
  • huge cleanup of the codebase
  • changed all codeblock-names (with additional shim files for migration)
  • changed control-sidebar, content is now configurable from admin_lte.yaml or the ContextHelper
  • added Symfony Flex recipe for easier integration
  • using Webpack-Encore for compiling frontend-assets
  • a Demo application as living documentation for first time users and easier testing
  • updated composer.json to reflect more up-to-date bundle dependencies

Migration from AvanzuAdminTheme

Be aware: I decided to change some project internals and got rid of some features from the original AdminThemeBundle. I found the all-in-one solution to be more problematic then helpful at several places, so I took the chance to update it to my own interpretation of a theme bundle.

If you previously used the AvanzuAdminTheme you will not be able to "just replace" the composer package. Plan ahead, you will need (depending on the size of your project) a couple of hours for the migration.

I migrated my own project within ~4 hours, but I had to move a lot of the customization to the bundle (e.g. the webpack-encore build) in the same time. See the PRs #202 and #206 for migration examples.

License and contributors

Published under the MIT, read the LICENSE file for more information.

This repository is based on the work of AdminThemeBundle, please check their contributor list as well and give them a star!