The Awesome Set of Packages for Laravel.

2.0.3 2023-01-24 04:27 UTC


The set provides best practices to make development more fun and classes/services that I found very useful while working on big extensible applications.


Package Version
PHP ^8.0.0
Laravel ^8.22.1, ^9.0.0


# Everything
composer require lastdragon-ru/lara-asp

# Specific package (where "core" the package name)
composer require lastdragon-ru/lara-asp-core


The Core

This package contains useful utilities and classes.

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This package provides highly powerful @searchBy and @sortBy directives for lighthouse-php. The @searchBy directive provides basic conditions like =, >, <, etc, relations, not (<condition>), enums, and custom operators support. All are strictly typed so you no need to use Mixed type anymore. The @sortBy is not only about standard sorting by columns but also allows use relations. 😎

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The Migrator

This package improves standard laravel migrations to add support for raw SQL files during migration and seeding. So you can easily use your favorite visual tool for database development like MySQL Workbench with Laravel 🥳

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Queue Helpers

This package provides additional capabilities for queued jobs and queued listeners like multilevel configuration support, job overriding (very useful for package development to provide base implementation and allow the application to extend it), easy define for cron jobs, and DI in constructor support.

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Eloquent Helpers

This package contains useful extensions and mixins for Eloquent.

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The Formatter

This package provides a customizable wrapper around Intl formatters.

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Testing Helpers

This package provides various useful asserts for PHPUnit and alternative solution for HTTP tests - testing HTTP response has never been so easy! And this not only about TestResponse but any PSR response 😎

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