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This package improves standard laravel migrations to add support for raw SQL files during migration and seeding. So you can easily use your favorite visual tool for database development like MySQL Workbench with Laravel 🥳

⚠️ The Migrator uses the same mechanism as Squashing Migrations so not all databases are supported, please see Laravel Documentation for more details.


composer require lastdragon-ru/lara-asp-migrator


To create migration just use the standard command

php artisan lara-asp-migrator:raw-migration MyMigration

It will create the following files in database/migrations:


Usually, you just need to put your SQL into ~up.sql and ~down.sql 😇 Note that you still can use standard Laravel migrations, but you should create it manually. Also, migrations can be placed into subdirectories.

Another useful class is RawDataMigration that specially designed for cases when you want to insert data without altering the table(s). Unlike RawMigration it will apply migration only if the database is not empty (to fill empty database while fresh installation please use Seeders).


The Migrator uses a bit different approach compared to standard and provides a few different types of seeders:

  • SmartSeeder - unlike standard Seeder it is safer and will not run seeder if it is already applied (so it is safe for production 🤩);
  • RawSeeder - extends SmartSeeder and allow you to use SQL.

To create raw seeder just use standard command

php artisan lara-asp-migrator:raw-seeder MySeeder

It will create the following files in database/seeders (or database/seeds/):


You should place your SQL into *.sql and then update the model class in the .php file:

<?php declare(strict_types = 1);

namespace Database\Seeders;

use LastDragon_ru\LaraASP\Migrator\Seeders\RawSeeder;

class MySeeder extends RawSeeder {
    protected function getTarget(): ?string {
        // Base class will check that the table has any records and stop seeding
        // if it is not empty.
        return Model::class;