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This package contains useful extensions and mixins for Eloquent.


composer require lastdragon-ru/lara-asp-eloquent


Iterators are similar to Builder::chunk() but uses generators instead of \Closure that makes code more readable:

$query = \App\Models\User::query();

$query->chunk(100, function ($users) {
    foreach ($users as $user) {
        // ...

foreach ($query->getChunkedIterator() as $user) {
    // ...

Iterators also support limit/offset, by default it will try to get them from the Builder, but you can also set them by hand:

$query = \App\Models\User::query()->offset(10)->limit(20);

foreach ($query->getChunkedIterator() as $user) {
    // ... 20 items from 10

foreach ($query->getChunkedIterator()->setOffset(0) as $user) {
    // ...20 items from 0

When you use the default ChunkedIterator you should not modify/delete the items while iteration or you will get unexpected results (eg missing items). If you need to modify/delete items while iteration you can use ChunkedChangeSafeIterator that specially created for this case and unlike standard chunkById() it is always safe (please see laravel/framework#35400 for more details). But there are few limitations:

  • it is not possible to sort rows, they always will be sorted by column asc;
  • the column should not be changed while iteration or this may lead to repeating row in results;
  • the row inserted while iteration may be skipped if it has column with the value that lover than the internal pointer;
  • queries with UNION is not supported;
  • offset from Builder will not be used;

To create a change safe instance you can use:

$query = \App\Models\User::query();

foreach ($query->getChangeSafeIterator() as $user) {
    // ...



Name Description
orderByKey(string $direction = 'asc') Add an ORDER BY primary_key clause to the query.
orderByKeyDesc() Alias of orderByKey('desc')
getChunkedIterator() Return ChunkedIterator instance.
getChangeSafeIteratorIterator() Return ChunkedChangeSafeIterator instance.