a PHP SQL highlighting library

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A lightweight php package for formatting sql statements.

It can automatically indent and add line breaks in addition to syntax highlighting.


This package is a fork from Here is what the original History section says:

I found myself having to debug auto-generated SQL statements all the time and wanted some way to easily output formatted HTML without having to include a huge library or copy and paste into online formatters.

I was originally planning to extract the formatting code from PhpMyAdmin, but that was 10,000+ lines of code and used global variables.

I saw that other people had the same problem and used Stack Overflow user losif's answer as a starting point.

― @jdorn


The SqlFormatter class has a method format which takes an SQL string as input and returns a formatted HTML block inside a pre tag.

Sample usage:

require_once 'vendor/autoload.php';

use Doctrine\SqlFormatter\SqlFormatter;

$query = "SELECT count(*),`Column1`,`Testing`, `Testing Three` FROM `Table1`
    WHERE Column1 = 'testing' AND ( (`Column2` = `Column3` OR Column4 >= NOW()) )
    GROUP BY Column1 ORDER BY Column3 DESC LIMIT 5,10";

echo (new SqlFormatter())->format($query);


Formatting Only

If you don't want syntax highlighting and only want the indentations and line breaks, pass in a NullHighlighter instance as the second parameter.

This is useful for outputting to error logs or other non-html formats.


use Doctrine\SqlFormatter\NullHighlighter;
use Doctrine\SqlFormatter\SqlFormatter;

echo (new SqlFormatter(new NullHighlighter()))->format($query);


Syntax Highlighting Only

There is a separate method highlight that preserves all original whitespace and just adds syntax highlighting.

This is useful for sql that is already well formatted and just needs to be a little easier to read.

echo (new SqlFormatter())->highlight($query);


Compress Query

The compress method removes all comments and compresses whitespace.

This is useful for outputting queries that can be copy pasted to the command line easily.

-- This is a comment
    /* This is another comment
    On more than one line */
    Id #This is one final comment
    as temp, DateCreated as Created FROM MyTable;
echo (new SqlFormatter())->compress($query)


SELECT Id as temp, DateCreated as Created FROM MyTable;