Json Schema Validator for PHP

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Validate JSON documents

Opis JSON Schema is a PHP implementation for the JSON Schema standard (draft-2020-12, draft-2019-09, draft-07 and draft-06), that will help you validate all sorts of JSON documents, whether they are configuration files or a set of data sent to a RESTful API endpoint.

The library's key features:


The full documentation for this library can be found here. We provide documentation for both JSON Schema standard itself as well as for the library's own API.


Opis JSON Schema is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.


  • PHP ^7.4 || ^8.0


Opis JSON Schema is available on Packagist and it can be installed from a command line interface by using Composer.

composer require opis/json-schema

Or you could directly reference it into your composer.json file as a dependency

    "require": {
        "opis/json-schema": "^2.2"