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1.25.1 2022-08-05 11:16 UTC

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Api documentation Elasticms documentation

Coding standards

PHP Code Sniffer is available via composer, the standard used is defined in phpcs.xml.diff:

composer phpcs

If your code is not compliant, you could try fixing it automatically:

composer phpcbf

PHPStan is configured at level 3, you can check for errors locally using:

composer phpstan

Controller/ApplController.php is excluded Please take some time to refactor the deprecated functions to use dependency injection instead of getting services from the container

If you want to regenerate a PHPStan baseline run this command:

vendor/bin/phpstan analyse --generate-baseline

Update translation files

demo-dev trans:update --force --output-format=yml --sort=asc en EMSCoreBundle
demo-dev trans:update --force --domain=emsco-twigs --output-format=yml --sort=asc en EMSCoreBundle