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3x1 Framework

Full Stack Web Framework Build in Laravel & Craftable
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Review This Packages First

Thanks for this packages that's create our framework base


  1. create a new 3x1 project
composer create-project --prefer-dist 3x1io/3x1
  1. go to project folder
cd 3x1
  1. Go to .env file and change:
  1. clear cache to reset .env vars
php artisan config:cache
  1. now you ready for migration run
php artisan migrate
  1. now install npm modules
npm i
  1. run npm watch
npm run dev
  1. Go To Login go to BASE_URL/admin/login

use this username admin@3x1.io and password 3x1@2021


you can easy generate CURD operations with controllers and views and routes and every thing with just one command

  1. first create new migration
php artisan make:migration create_customers_table
  1. build your schema and run
php artisan migrate
  1. after migration load npm watch
npm run watch
  1. now you ready for generator
php artisan admin:generate customers --with-export
  1. it will generate every thing for you
  • [App/Exports/CustomersExport] Excel Export
  • [App/Http/Controllers/Admin/CustomersController] CURD Controller
  • [App/Http/Requests/Admin/Customer] CURD Validation Requests
  • [App/Models/Customer.php] Model
  • [database/factories/ModelFactory.php] Model Factory
  • [routes/web.php] CURD Route
  • [resources/views/admin] CURD Views
  • [resources/views/admin/layout/sidebar.blade.php] Sidebar Link
  • [resources/js/admin/customer] Vue Components
  • [resources/lang/en/admin.php] Languages Assets


now it's very easy to make a widget like counter of user or products in your dashboard home for documentation arrilot/laravel-widgets


our framework support front theme by easy way you can add a new theme by this way

  1. create a new folder inside resources/views/themes wuth you theme name
  2. inside this folder create a new json file named info.json
  3. inside this json file add this info about theme
    "name": "3x1 Theme",
    "ar": "ثري اكس ون ثيم",
    "description": "3x1 Theme Is Default Theme Of 3x1 Framework",
    "description_ar": "الثيم الافتراضي لنطاق عمل 3x1",
    "keywords": [],
    "aliases": "3x1",
    "files": [],
    "requires": [],
    "image": "placeholder.webp"
  1. the aliases must be the same as folder name
  2. go to routes/themes and create new routes file for your theme with the same theme name
  3. add your theme assets to path public/themes/THEME_NAME/
  4. now go to route admin/themes and you will show your theme name you can active it

our theme manager has some helper functions like


this function take url make it easy to access your theme path public/themes/THEME_NAME/


in the homepage of dashboard you will see google map and it will ask you for location access to take your longitude and latitude and put it in the map and it's easy to change Google Map Key by change it in location setting in this route admin/localization

we save the longitude and latitude on the admin table with fields lang & lat for future use

you can change any string in the system by using Translation function by adding any string in

trans('your sting')
__('your sting')

and go to route admin/translations and make rescan and you will get the string you add on the table and you can set it to any thing you went

you can import and export translation as excel sheet and a new languages by change the config in config/translatable

you can access a lot of location features by helper function like


it will echo the selected currency IOS with tag <small>EGP</small>


you build notification system with Laravel Websocket

to use Notification System

  1. create a pusher account
  2. create a new pusher chanel for your project
  3. go to route admin/services/pusher and change data with yours and save

now you connected with pusher and you can send WebNotification to all users or selected user by GUI go to route admin/user-notifications and create new notification

you can use notification by event PushNotification

event(new PushNotifcation($title, $message, $icon, $image, $url,$type, $authId))

it's take some params

  • $title Title Of Notification
  • $message The Message Of Notification
  • $icon Font Awesome Icon like fa-user
  • $url url of onclick event
  • $image image for WebPushNotification
  • $type Type of Notification [all, user]
  • $authId Selected User ID

you can get user notification by use helper


it will get all user unread notifications as array


to create a new setting it's easy by use GUI

  1. go to route /admin/settings/dev
  2. create new setting by add
  • group the group of setting
  • key the key you will use to get setting value
  • value the value you went

you can use setting helper by call this function on any where


it's take on param key to get value of this setting

and to show settings input on any view you can use this helper

setting_show($key, $label, $type, $option=[], $id="");

it's take some params

  • $key Key Of Setting
  • $label Description Of this setting
  • $type Type Of Input [text, textarea, select, checkbox, email, password, rang]
  • $option If Type is select you can send options as array like sening User::all()
  • $id it's use for 2 way one way for every inputs to add a custome id and for select to select what field you went to show in value

now in the controller to update your setting you can use this helper

setting_update($key, $value);

it's take some params

  • $key Key Of Setting
  • $value The Value You Get In the request to update it


Please see CHANGELOG for more information what has changed recently.


Contributions are what make the open source community such an amazing place to be learn, inspire, and create. Any contributions you make are greatly appreciated.

  1. Fork the Project
  2. Create your Feature Branch (git checkout -b feature/AmazingFeature)
  3. Commit your Changes (git commit -m 'Add some AmazingFeature')
  4. Push to the Branch (git push origin feature/AmazingFeature)
  5. Open a Pull Request


If you discover any security related issues, please email info@3x1.io instead of using the issue tracker.


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Distributed under the MIT License. See LICENSE for more information.


Fady Mondy - @3x1io - info@3x1.io

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