MessageBird REST API client for PHP

v1.16.1 2019-10-08 15:00 UTC


This repository contains the open source PHP client for MessageBird's REST API. Documentation can be found at:

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  • Sign up for a free MessageBird account
  • Create a new access_key in the developers sections
  • MessageBird API client for PHP requires PHP >= 5.4.


Composer installation

Manual installation

When you do not use Composer. You can git checkout or download this repository and include the MessageBird API client manually.


We have put some self-explanatory examples in the examples directory, but here is a quick breakdown on how it works. First, you need to set up a MessageBird\Client. Be sure to replace YOUR_ACCESS_KEY with something real.

require 'autoload.php';

$MessageBird = new \MessageBird\Client('YOUR_ACCESS_KEY');

That's easy enough. Now we can query the server for information. Lets use getting your balance overview as an example:

// Get your balance
$Balance = $MessageBird->balance->read();

Conversations Whatsapp Sandbox

To use the whatsapp sandbox you need to add \MessageBird\Client::ENABLE_CONVERSATIONSAPI_WHATSAPP_SANDBOX to the list of features you want enabled. Don't forget to replace YOUR_ACCESS_KEY with your actual access key.

$messageBird = new \MessageBird\Client('YOUR_ACCESS_KEY', null, [\MessageBird\Client::ENABLE_CONVERSATIONSAPI_WHATSAPP_SANDBOX]);

If you use a custom HttpClient you will have to manually direct Conversation API request to the WhatsApp sandbox endpoint.


Complete documentation, instructions, and examples are available at:


The MessageBird REST Client for PHP is licensed under The BSD 2-Clause License. Copyright (c) 2014, MessageBird